Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Essay: Does Life after Death Exist?

Does Life after Death Exist: View on Different Concepts in Buddhism and Confucianism
Both China and India have very long histories, describing the life of people in these two countries since antiquity till today. China as well as India possesses many exciting and at the same time unique customs, traditions, and beliefs. People of both countries practice different religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Christianity, and others. However, it’s not so unusual to compare beliefs of two countries, as we already know a lot of facts about Indian and Chinese religions and cultures. Thus, the current essay will explore the concepts of life and death in Buddhism, since it is the second widespread religion in India, teaching people rather unusual ways how to reach happiness, and concepts of life and death in Confucianism, because it was one of the main religions in ancient China, and had a great impact on cultural and social views of its people. The matter of life and death is addressed in all religions. Some of the religions state that there is life after death, emphasizing the importance of living a pious life because human souls go to heaven or hell after death, which is conditioned by person’s previous life. Others reject the idea of life after death, stating that human souls live forever, or that there is neither heaven nor hell, and that human souls might settle down in animals or plants. Thus, the matter of life after death remains a rather controversial one, provoking multiple disputes between religions. The main goal of this essay is to find out if life after death is possible, and how this concept is discussed in Buddhism and Confucianism.

General Motors Research Paper

General Motors is a complex organization that operates globally and has a matrixed structure. For years, it has been no easy task to function successfully as the world’s largest automotive corporation. Overcoming various challenges of the modern business environment requires an adequate organizational structure accompanied by efficient and visionary leadership. In fact, the researchers today speak of the importance of strategic management in the context of organizational structure:

“Effective strategic management includes a global external orientation, clear business segmentation, an intimate understanding of strategic marketing and competitor analysis, a focus on appropriate measures of performance, systematic resource allocation, and a supporting organization structure and culture. The development of strategic management systems with these components will facilitate American organizations to compete effectively both domestically and internationally.” (Kellogg School of Management, 2005, “Why Strategy Is Important Today”)

As the official website of the company informs, the activity of General Motors is overseen by the Board of Directors. The Board has two main functions: the firsts are associated with electing the officers of the corporation, and the later is connected to managing its performance. At the moment, there are eleven Board members, including nine non-employee members and two management members. The Board maintains the corporation’s business and fulfills its tasks through some Committees. At the moment, there are six committees: Audit, Capital Stock, Director Affairs, Executive Compensation, Investment Funds, and Public Policy.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Textual Analysis Essay Sample

The text analyzed is an article from the Salon magazine website entitled "So What’s It All About, Barbie?". The Editors of Mothers Who Think who authored the article ridicule the recent shift in the fashion industry that has created Barbies of healthier and more real-life proportions. Instead, they call the allegations against the favorite toys of generations “the paranoid fantasies of conspiracists who'd like us to believe that the doll is an agent of antifeminist mind control” (“So What’s It All About, Barbie?”, 1997). The claim that the slim toy is “being partly responsible for eating disorders in teenage girls as well as breast implants and cosmetic surgery in adult women” is proclaimed ridiculous (“So What’s It All About, Barbie?”, 1997). The main ideas have been discovered through reading the paragraphs and observing shifts in the author’s discussion. First presenting factual information about the debate, the authors then move toward formulating their position in the debate.

Introducing their position with rhetorical questions “But isn't interpretation what toys are all about?” also helps the reader to find the main ideas (“So What’s It All About, Barbie?”, 1997).

War on Terrorism Research Paper

To begin with, the great danger of terrorism today is the stigmata of the 21st century…

People have always looked for righteousness in their lives. All of them are sure to have their own vision of happiness, good life, justice. However, sometimes their standpoints are deeply different. 

Here is the problem of misunderstanding between them. People keep leading the same way of life and they remain different, they have different views on the world around them: for some people the world is beautiful and practically perfect, for others it is it is wrong and bad overwhelmed with injustice. As a result people want to change the current situation in the world through the modification of the contemporary world. Unfortunately, some people intend to change the world but their purpose may be ruinous and dangerous. Such people make others suffer greatly. They are cruel. They hate authorities and the official power. They think the world is guilty in all their misfortunes and they want to revenge. As a result they can commit terrible crimes, trying to make people to be afraid of life. They try to destroy the stability of mankind with the help of terror. Sometimes they fight for their own religious ideals… They imagine they are the arms of God to punish and to change the world. Their ill psyche – not their motherland or compatriots - are sure to be the main problem. That’s why the way to get rid of fear, to save our world from the darkness of terrorism is not the distribution of cruelty and war. We must learn to struggle not with nations but with the dangerous elements of society.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Book Review

Perkins’s book called "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" provoked intense debates after it was published. The reading audience was divided into two big camps – those who believed Perkins’ words and those who didn’t. I think everybody should read this book to make an opinion of his own. Also, the book is straightforward and interesting to read.

Confessions revealed by the author of the book came as a great shock to those, who had some illusions about the American economy and politics. In his book, John Perkins describes his work for the secret organization, which was specialized in giving big loans to international countries with weak economies to get control their savings by dictating the repayment terms later. The facts revealed by the author disclose unfair methods of economical pressure the US used to gain the influence on the economic world scene. The effects are sad and frightening. Dirty tricks, manipulations and even murders – this is only the short list of policies implemented by the organization the author had been working for. The number institutions, situated in the US, developed strategies and secret schemes of investments to make countries dependent on the US. The facts described in the book prove that the US put an enormous money and effort to take the control over the world economy. In the situations where economical instruments didn’t work the US had to turn to war actions against the unruly countries.

Armenian Genocide Research Paper

Armenians as many other nations have been persecuted for hundreds of years and this fact of Armenian history isn’t as famous as tortures of Christians in a Moslem world, for example. Who knows very well about events that took place between April and October 1915? It was the time when 1.2 million Armenians were made to leave their homes by the Turkish government and were sent on death march into the Syrian Desert. This match was called “death”, as they were sent with no water or food. The silence used to be a rule for most Armenian families and the Armenian-American family of Peter Balakian, the author of the book “Black Dog of Fate”, was no exception. Tortures of Armenian population were a forbidden topic in his family. Nobody had ever mentioned about horrible starvation and murders of his relatives until Peter was twenty. Only then he learned that his grandmother was one of the survivors of Armenian genocide. Soon he got to all the truth and couldn’t keep silence as all members of his family and other Armenians. The result is his famous book “Black Dog of Fate” that combines facts about Balakian’s family, a story about the boy who became elder and all in this book is a history of Armenian people and their extermination in Turkey.

The title is based on a parable that was told Peter Balakian by his grandmother, Nafina. The story is about goddess Fate and two kinds of gifts that were made for her. The first gift was a young meaty lamb, its eyes were like two rubies and his body was stuffed with almonds. The second gift was a dead black dog with a wormy apple in its mouth. The main paradox is that goddess Fate didn’t take the lamb and accepted the dead dog. The life is unpredictable and just this fact is the purport of the book and it is reflected in the title.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Article Critique Essay Example

Article Critique: Same-Sex Parent Families: Relationships, Parenting, and issues of Marriage.
Having read the article titled “Same-sex couples and same-sex-parent families: relationships, parenting, and issues of marriage” written by Dr. Anne-Marie Ambert I came to a much better realization of the existing problems and issues that surround same-sex marriages and cohabitation.

The primary central theme pointed out in the article is the ethics. Homosexuality is considered to be innate rather than chosen voluntarily by people, and thus cannot be regarded as a personal perversion or sin. Same-sex couples, therefore, deserve the same level of respect and understanding as people with other innate qualities they did not choose such as age, gender or race.

The second important theme that needs to be pointed out here is the misunderstandings that heterosexuals have about gays. 

These misconceptions are shown below: